YYacht Vision


Our promise to you is: We are an honest company.

We're not a perfect company, but we're authentic and reliable. We want to be measured by our actions and results and not by our statements.

Our goal is to build sailing yachts that give you time for yourself as well as freedom and fun with your family and friends - a reliable investment in a better quality of life.

We will treat you with the honesty with which we produce our yachts. It is our passion to build sailing yachts. And nothing else.

Michael Schmidt

In 2015 Michael Schmidt decided to found a new shipyard after an already intense career in the yachting industry.

He wanted to build sailing yachts as he would interpret them with his many years of experience and his heart - without restrictions from marketing ideas and specifications. His vision was to produce yachts between 60 and 100 feet in length, because in this category the owners and clients speak directly to the shipyard and already have a vision of how their next yacht should look and be equipped. When building the shipyard, Schmidt was also fascinated by digitalization, so that even in the start-up phase he gave a lot of thought to what would have to change when building yachts in a digitized world. Michael Schmidt is constantly expanding the strategy of YYachts and works with highly specialized teams on disruptive processes.


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YYachts Hall yard

In the sheds of Michael Schmidt Yachtbau, located on the Baltic Sea on the outskirts of Greifswald, we can produce yachts up to 33 meters LOA.

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Keep it simple YYachts luxury yachts at a glance

There is a quote attributed to several famous thinkers: "I'm writing you a long letter because I didn't have time for a short one."

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Yacht construction design

YYachts works with the best designers and engineers in the world. Some models have already won awards.

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YYachts Experience in boat building and luxury boats

The YYachts employees have a combined total of hundreds of years of yacht building experience.

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