Simplicity - Sailing yachts reduced to the essentials

There is a quote that is attributed to several famous thinkers: “I'm writing you a long letter because I didn't have time for a short one.” This we apply to our boats. Applied to our business, this means: a yacht must be operated intuitively and without great effort and therefore many details and processes in handling have to be reconsidered and simplified. The decades of yacht-building experience of YYachts founder Michael Schmidt and his team resulted in the guiding principle of the brand: "The art is to reduce a yacht to the essentials without compromising comfort."

Luxury sail boat from YYachts
Luxury sail boat from YYachts

Every detail that is not through costs money and has to be serviced and, ultimately, understood in its function. We are overloaded with so many useless functions that we sometimes lose the fun of the original. A yacht should sail fast, be seaworthy and bring joy to its owner. A sailing yachts reduced to the essentials.

Luxury sail boat from YYachts
Luxury sail boat from YYachts

That's why we asked ourselves how can you reduce a yacht to the essentials?

  • We limit ourselves to a few sea valves that are easy to reach
  • Depending on the size of the yacht, we avoid over-hydraulic systems
  • You can set a sail on an infinite number of straighteners. But you can also simply adjust it. If you don't deal with sail profiles daily basis, there is a high risk that you will trim the sails
  • The lighter the yacht, the lower the righting moment and accordingly the forces on the boat. The lower forces on the boat, the more family-friendliness the yachts will have
  • Halyards and sheets, all close at hand in a centralized area to make all maneuvers within reach and simple
  • Installing two motors is one of our philosophy key points. In such a way you increase the reliability of the boat, two engines with 2 independent alternators make it easier to fully charge your battery banks. In this respect, there is the possibility that the generator is not required. Two engines make a stern thruster redundant and no longer needed
  • Instead of pseudo-automating the electronics down to the last detail, we prefer to network you with our engineering office so that we can provide you with advice and practical help anywhere in the world if there should be any malfunctions. Our C-Zone system built by our own electrical engineers enables ultimate customization of the electrical process at the build phase. With the C-Zone connected to a data transponder, we can fix electrical glitches remotely, wherever you are in the world
  • We concentrate all the technology in one place. This is extremely easy to maintain
  • YYachts uses composite sandwich materials for the construction of the internal structures, to obtain at the same time precious wood essences and multiple technical and functional advantages
  • Sandwich composite materials guarantee excellent soundproofing, help eliminate onboard vibrations. At the same time considerably reduce the weight so as not to neglect the boat's performance. And they guarantee a pleasant B15 fireproof class for technical and engine rooms.

This is just one small example of Simplicity in the world of YYachts.  YYachts is synonym of simplicity of use, functionality and beautiful aesthetic design. This does not mean minimal design but a great deal of attention to the aesthetics, living space and functionalities onboard.

Even the hydraulic components such as the hydraulic retractable bow thruster are exclusively from the best brands in the market. This ensures great reliability and professionalism of the onboard equipment to our customers.

In YYachts the hydraulic components are perfectly proportionated according to the onboard systems. According to our philosophy, we do not overload the boats with unnecessary, redundant, and useless instruments for navigation.

This has the aim of having lighter, faster and more performing boats even in light wind conditions typical of the Mediterranean Area. Fewer components on board, as well as guaranteeing ease of use, is essential to reduce maintenance costs and repairing activities during the winter seasons.

The luxury of being able to set out to sea self-sufficiently with confidence is priceless!

Simplicity is much more than an easy practice, it means innovation, performance, and reliability.

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