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News from the shipyard - YYachts luxury carbon Sail boats

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"News from the Shipyard" we informs owners, interested parties and friends of beautiful sailing yachts regularly about YYachts luxury carbon sail boats. To be updated about all the latest news, new upcoming YYachts Models, boat shows and events organized in the yard, just fill out the form and never miss news from YYachts again.

Video-preview from our shipyard: a new Y7 has splashed!


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ABOUT YYACHTS and luxury sail boats

YYachts is one of many success stories of its founder Michael Schmidt. Schmidt, himself a passionate regatta sailor and boat builder, was privately looking for a yacht. Since he was unable to find what he was looking for either in new yachts or on the brokerage market, he decided to build his ideal vessel himself.

This idea gave birth to the Brenta 80 "Cool Breeze" and in 2016, to the YYachts brand.  YYachts’ models are created exclusively from carbon composite in Ladebow/Greifwald on the Baltic Sea. In a modern, newly built production facility, YYachts manufactures sailing yachts up to 33 meters in length. Its own automated paint shop enables it to paint yachts in almost any color, or anneal yachts made of prepreg at up to 90 degrees Celsius.

The YYachts portfolio currently consists of the Y7, Y8, and Y9 models, while the Custom Division builds completely individual designs. All of the yachts are united by Michael Schmidt's motto: "Fun sailing comes from a simple ship that is reduced to the bare essentials without sacrificing comfort."

Y7 with a displacement of only 29 tonnes and 300 square meters of sail area set in motion even in very light winds. Y7 ballast keeps her very stable, making it extremely comfortable and pleasant to sail. This luxury yacht was designed for family holidays, and the key features are clean “flush” deck is a joy for the eyes and for onboard safety as well.

The astonishing design of YYachts Y8 with a 6,00m beam is built-in lightened carbon fiber. It has been designed to give the owner the possibility to steer and maneuver it in total autonomy from the stern cockpit, this is where the concept of easy sailing comes from. The entire boat can be controlled just with few touches of buttons that set in motion powerful hydraulic and electric winches. In such a way the owner can undertake effortless and precise sail tunings.  

The Y9 is the flagship of YYachts is full carbon. We have been trying to ensure the best-in-class interiors, with volumes equivalent to 100 footers. 
On the other hand, avoiding exaggerate lengths, Y9 can perfectly suit with human dimension, keeping away useless spaces that are difficult to manage and maintain; and that would only lead to increasing the distance between the owner and the sea.

Michael Schmidt decided to establish YYachts to make available to people his unique sailing proposition and his “concept of Freedom”, clearing the boat from all the unnecessary riggings, ropes and over-structures to have a clear and minimalist deck. In such a way the owner can taste the design, the simplicity and the performance of the boat. 

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