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New Y8 with more performance and more volume

The YYachts success story began with the 80 foot yacht Y8. After "Cool Breeze", the first YYacht ever, and further individual Y8 follow-up orders, YYachts now developed a modified 80 feet platform for a Swiss customer. For the new Y8, the YYachts design and development team based in Palma de Mallorca cooperated with Surge Projects. The Mallorcan design studio around Javier Jaudenes has a "knack" for a timelessly elegant design, but also has great experience in designing fast yachts. Surge designs have won many trophies, and the studio has developed such interesting yachts as "Win Win" or the Café Racer.

In contrast to the previous Y8, the new model has a wider stern, so in combination with the mast set further back, Javier Jaudenes predicts high speed potential for his design: "The Jib will provide a lot of speed. A lot of R&D results from previous projects have gone into the Y8. It is an essence of our experience and will be fast, but at the same time very safe under any conditions. The fact that YYachts builds from carbon naturally suits our philosophy." Jaudenes: "The new Y8 is a lot of fun. I would describe her as a good-mood yacht."

Of course, the new Y8 also offers YYachts' usual innovative standard - such as the transverse garage in the stern, the self-tacking jib, the separate crew access in the cockpit or the flat deckhouse, whose optimally placed windows prevent the yacht from heating up too much.

Incidentally, the interior volume of the yacht is 20 percent larger than that of its predecessor. This results in many different layout options: The owner's suite including a separate saloon can be located either in the bow or in the stern with direct access to the cockpit, the galley can be installed open or closed, and three or four cabins can be fitted. By moving the engine room below the saloon floor, the yacht gets a lower centre of gravity and thus a better balance, which results in additional speed.

Incidentally, thanks to the slightly raised saloon floor, owners and guests can enjoy an unobstructed view of the sea from the saloon.

easy handling of sailing yacht

Easy handling

On this 80 foot yacht all halyards, sheets, and trim controls run concealed to the steering positions, allowing the helmsman to comfortably operate the Y8 and sail the yacht with a very small crew.

Proven technology yacht building

Proven Technology

Not everything should run via BUS systems, our main systems are analog.

Our yachts are designed to give you and your family a carefree experience

Effortless Luxury

Our yachts should provide you and your family a carefree experience.

Y8 models realized in collaboration with such famous interior designers as Sir David Chipperfield or Mark Tucker of Design Unlimited.

Variable Layout

Due to the modular construction, the layout can be adapted to the wishes of the owner. If desired, the front and rear living areas can be divided below deck. The number of guest cabins is variable, with up to four possible.


EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE BOAT-SHOW for luxury carbon sailing yachts



YYachts experts look forward to meeting you on-site and will arrange for all the guests an exclusive private boat show on the Y8. 

YYacht team is committed to make you discover all the new features and details, so schedule your exclusive Onboard event today and get ready for this memorable tour on 80 foot! 

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In the gallery below you will find images of our brand new Y8. Scroll through the photos to find out what makes the Y8 a perfect mix between cruising and racing.


The interior of the Y8 is customisable for every owner. With the soft edges and the coachroof, with lots of natural light, the Y8 has a relaxing atmosphere. Enjoy an insight of the inside of a Y8 below. 

Space for your ideas

80 Foot Carbon Yacht - 360° View


There are numerous options for a layout of a Y8 below deck. With the available options the Y8 can flexibly adapt to your requirements, with the possibility to divide the front and rear living areas. With this division implemented, the crews’ cabins, the navigation station, and the galley of the yacht are then located in the stern. This is the ideal layout to maximize privacy and remains undisturbed by the crew. With two cockpit solutions, variable headroom, and an interior that can be fully adapted to the customer, Y8 is a sailing yacht which is as individual as its future owner. A large dinghy garage with a transversal storage of the tender is a feature nearly all YYachts share so far. With state-of-the-art technology, the yacht can be handled even by a couple or with very small crew. The Y8 is one of the most customizable yachts in the 25 metre range providing speed, design, comfort and ease to use.

Y8 Interior Layout PREMIUM CHOICE by

Y8 Interior Layout PREMIUM CHOICE by

YYACHTS PREMIUM CHOICE, Luxury master area forward, 3 cabins plus 1 crew cabin
Y8 Interior Layout CUSTOMER SELECTION 1 by

Y8 Interior Layout CUSTOMER SELECTION 1 by

CUSTOMER SELECTION 1, 4 cabins plus 1 crew cabin
Y8 Interior Layout CUSTOMER SELECTION 2 by

Y8 Interior Layout CUSTOMER SELECTION 2 by

CUSTOMER SELECTION 2, 5 cabins plus 1 crew cabin
Y8 Interior Layout CUSTOMER SELECTION 3 by

Y8 Interior Layout CUSTOMER SELECTION 3 by

CUSTOMER SELECTION 3, 3 cabins plus 1 crew cabin
Y8 Interior Layout CUSTOMER SELECTION 4 by

Y8 Interior Layout CUSTOMER SELECTION 4 by

CUSTOMER SELECTION 4, Master aft cabin with bathroom en-suite, 3 cabins plus 2 crew cabins
Y8 Interior Layout CUSTOMER SELECTION 5 by

Y8 Interior Layout CUSTOMER SELECTION 5 by

CUSTOMER SELECTION, 5 Master aft cabin with bathroom en-suite, 4 cabins plus 2 crew cabins


Length overall (LoA)
approx. 23.99 m (80 foot)

Length Waterline (LWL)
approx. 22.40 m

Draft (fixed keel)
approx. 4.00 m

Draft (fixed keel)
approx. 2.80 - 4.30 m

approx. 6.50 m

Displacement (Light ship)
approx. 37.9 t

Ballast (fixed keel)
approx. 13.30 t

2 x Nanni Marine Diesel N4.115, 169.1 kW (230 HP)

Fuel Tank Capacity
ca. 1600 l

Fresh Water Tank Capacity
ca. 1000 l

Black Water Tank Capacity
ca. 250 l

Mainsail Area
approx. 196 m²

Self-tacking jib Area
approx. 152 m²

Code 0 Area
approx. 245 m²

Gennaker Area
approx. 389 m²

Naval Architects
Surge-Projects / Luca Brenta & C. Yacht Designers / Lorenzo Argento Yacht Design

Sir David Chipperfield / Design Unlimited / Francesca Modica

Michael Schmidt Yachtbau GmbH

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Y ON WATCH innovativ Remote-Control-System by YYachts

With Y ON WATCH, you can easily control the electrical and hydraulic systems on board with your smartwatch or smartphone. The best cutting-edge technologies are connected here.

Y ON WATCH stands for fun, comfort and safety on board. The hardware and software components enable 360° monitoring, with many great features for owners.

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Video tour of 80 foot yacht Makai

Video Tour on 80 foot yacht Cool Breeze

Additional features for an uncomplicated and luxurious sailing experience

Michael Schmidt, founder of YYachts
Michael Schmidt
Founder YYachts

"Our yachts are a place of retreat from the constant hyperstimulation of this world."

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The highlights of a luxury carbon yacht from YYachts

  • Fast 80 foot sailing experience
  • Light and safe construction
  • Easy handling
  • High quality equipment
  • Tailored layout
  • Made in Germany
  • A must have


Dirk Zademack managing partner YYachts
Dirk Zademack
Managing Partner

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