Hans-Ulrich Heisler is the preferred partner for fast carbon luxury sailing yachts in Spain based in Palma


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Hans-Ulrich Heisler sobre la navegación rápida de lujo con carbono

Hans-Ulrich Heisler is the preferred partner of YYachts for Spain and South West Europe

He lives for over 20 years in Palma now and aside from selling yachts he runs a service and refit company. Hans-Ulrich is an extremely competent person with great experience in the sailing industry. 

Hans-Ulrich is definitely trustworthy, reliable and attentive to customer needs. 
Currently, Hans-Ulrich is located in Palma and he has been working as an experienced sail manager. In addition, he has always strived to combine this activity with his passion for fast cruising sailing and luxurious boats.

Definity he is a passionate sailor and since he was child fell in love with the sea and outdoor life.  At the age of 6 Hans-Ulrich began to approach the small sail boats and he started sailing at professional level at the age of 16. 

Over the years he sailed a great number of Regattas and among the most important can be mentioned the ORC positioning itself in 6th position at world championships, and 3rd position for ORC Europe.

Discover the all new Y9. She is the perfect super yacht for Mediterranean waters

Y9 sailing yacht fast luxury 90 feet carbon boat
Y9 sailing yacht

The brand new Y9 is the perfect superyacht for Mediterranean waters

Working in the nautical sector for almost 30 years

In 1996 Hans-Ulrich managed the Container by Udo Schütz winner of the Admirals Cup 1996 in the Freundeskreis division with regular crew members.

Nowadays Hans-Ulrich Heisler has been working in the nautical sector for almost 30 years, and over this time he hold the position of manager assistant in the organization of the GF at Meltl from 1991 to 2001.

Since 2001 he has been working as freelancer in Palma de Maiorca with the world's leading sailing brands including X-Yachts, Contest, YYachts.

The latest Y8 will soon reach the waters of the Mediterranean Sea

Y8 Luxury Carbon Yacht
Y8 custom build luxury carbon yacht Vegas Baby

YYachts in Spain take care of the maintenance operations

Hans-Ulrich is originally from Germany but has been living in Palma for several years. Over the Years has developed a large company, developing a wide network of contacts. In such a way is able to provide services for yachts based on commercial centers, ad hoc after-sales assistance for customers, repairs and technical maintenance of both mechanical components. This concerns engines and generator servicing, sail repairs and replacements, as well as reconstruction or refitting of boats interiors below deck. 

In addition to this Hans-Ulrich has a great network of contacts to meet the greater needs of the shipowners. Hans-Ulrich Heisler is an also passionate sailor who fell in love with the sea and the freedom of sailing as a child. At the age of six, Heisler started sailing on small sailboats, and then at the age of 20 he started sailing at a professional level in Mallorca. Over the years he won many regattas - among the most important is the positioning of ORC 6th in the world championships and 3rd for ORC Europe. That is why he always tried to combine his work with his passion for fast cruising and luxurious boats. 

Today the work in Hans-Ulrich's company is carried on by 2 permanent employees for service coordination, while the specific onboard servicing is performed by specialized and reliable companies who will take care of the maintenance operations.

Nowadays in the company is fluently spoken Dutch, Spanish, French as well as English.
They are focused on providing an extraordinary service to our customers and clients with a focus on long-term relationships. 

Palma is one of the epicenters of luxury and superyachts, and our office right at the heart of the city. We hope to see you at the Palma Yacht Show and invite you too visit on of our YYachts.

YYachts Spain about the different models

YYachts España sobre los diferentes modelos


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Hans-Ulrich Heisler

+34 661 275 970
[email protected]

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