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Y ON WATCH - Control on-board systems easily

Y ON WATCH is the new outstanding YYachts application for a whole new experience of the onboard remote-control system.

With Y ON WATCH you can easily control onboard electric and hydraulic systems by your smartwatch or smartphone. This is possible due to the combination of finest cutting-edge technologies in the yachting industry. 

Y ON WATCH is the result of the combination of Sentinel Marine solutions and CZone with the YYachts hardware. Furthermore, Y ON WATCH is connected with our Cloud-based on Artificial Intelligence technology for data analysis and smart device interface.

This system is the synonym of fun, comfort and safety onboard. Our hardware and software devices co-work together offering a 360° boat monitoring with plenty of great services for YYachts owners.

Every switch controlled by your Apple Watch and iPhone

Y ON WATCH enables you to remotely switch on and off the whole set of systems on board your YYachts. Whatever switch you can think of on board, it could be remotely operated with your smartphone and smartwatch.

Cockpit beer cooler and tapper can be remotely turned on and cooled down before your arrival as well as the wine cooler in the saloon below deck.

For further explanations and information on Y ON WATCH don’t hesitate to get in touch with YYachts directly.

Monitoring of all essential yacht parameters

Y ON WATCH Artificial Intelligence takes care of you, keeping in touch with your boat thanks to a wide variety of sensors that constantly monitor the condition of your YYacht.

Whether you are onboard or away you can have a complete and detailed overview of what is going on board.

Y ON WATCH is responsible for keeping you informed with push notifications, statistics and data on your smart devices.

In case any sensor detects some anomalies, or some technical levels fall below a predetermined level, Y ON WATCH triggers an alarm and immediately informs you on your Apple Watch or your smartphone.

Journeys and adventures

Y ON WATCH takes care of your journeys and sailing adventures thanks to the YYachts cloud system that represents the evolution of the traditional logbook.

The Y ON WATCH digital logbook is designed for freedom and maximum user-friendliness. It automatically activates itself when you are leaving the port to set out on sailing, taking track of real-time positioning, sailed miles, speed and much more.

When the trip ends and you come back in port, Y ON WATCH automatically terminates the sail trip mode and ends the navigation mode.

Y ON WATCH works with the most advanced technologies and extremely precise GPS positioning. It represents an efficient and functional feature to avoid extra and stress on board, both for the owner and the crew, ensuring a pleasant and safe holiday. 


Y ON WATCH takes care and supports the crew and your captain providing them with all the manuals they need to correctly operate the onboard equipment.

Furthermore, it provides a list of guidelines and step-by-step procedures for your service team in case maintenance and repairs have to be performed outside YYachts shipyard.

At the same time, Y ON WATCH clarifies any ambiguities or provides additional information about any device installed on board.

Service and Improvements

Exactly when necessary

To have your YYachts always in a perfect fit and ready for summer, Y ON WATCH will keep an eye on all required services and maintenance, helping your crew not to forget any important ordinary and non-ordinary maintenance action for your boat.

Y ON WATCH will constantly keep you informed about the state of your YYacht, ensuring to consult in time the yard and its specialized technicians.

Y ON WATCH will directly connect the boat with our yard to always guarantee an excellent, reliable and fast quality of service, wherever the boat is located.

At the end of the maintenance work Y ON WATCH will inform you, specifying what kind of task and replacements have been done.

Information on demands

Y ON WATCH keeps an eye on your boat

Y ON WATCH constantly keeps YYachts owners informed about everything that is going on in the yacht thanks to smart alerts and real-time push notifications.

On your Apple Watch or iPhone, at any time and anywhere, Y ON WATCH will inform you in case of any failure on board or for example if the shore power has been accidentally disconnected.

When you are at anchor and – for example – the boat moves off too far from the anchor point Y ON WATCH will immediately inform you.