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Welcome to YYachts! Every luxury carbon yacht we build is defined by the client's requirements. Therefore we are creating a new yacht with every project. There is just one thing that never changes: The creation of a yacht that meets the client's demands as well as our requirements concerning perfection.

Our credo: The simpler the boat, the purer the sailing experience, and the greater the pleasure. This is why our yachts are made to emphasis the essentials of sailing, easy handling, alone or with company, anywhere in the world. Discover the reliability, safety and comfort that comes with our ‘keep it simple’ concept. Our goal is clear and simple: Use the best technology available to simplify sailing and put the joy back into sailing. Fast hull designs, the latest materials, perfect engineering and outstanding craftsmanship make our yachts suitable for the occasional races as well as for the cozy afternoon at the sea.
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“The challenge is to reduce a yacht to its essentials“

Our goal is to build the best yachts available. We have teamed up with renowned designers, architects and craftsmen to deliver best-of-class YYachts. Michael Schmidt, Admirals Cup Winner and since over 40 years a proven carbon pioneer.
Our Philosophy

Michael Schmidt Founder of Y/Yachts

It requires expertise and experience to ensure all the foundations are in place for pure sailing.

YYachts come with an all-around carefree package, uniquely tailored to your needs. Together we develop your individual yacht and recommend the right equipment.

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Built to sail – our luxury carbon yacht range

Set sails towards a new kind of luxury carbon yacht you. YYachts combines design, function and the latest technology with dedicated craftsmanship. The Y8 is your choice, or please have a look at our brand new Y7. We also would like to talk about your ideas for the coming up 100 FT YYacht.