Every board is unique: from the forest to the wave

Quality, durability and sustainability are the three principles according to which Breklim manufactures its boards. They are made of wood from the Azores.

When the enthusiastic surfer Gonçalo Belmonte realised in his homeland, the Azores, the quality of the native cryptomeria trees that grew out of the volcanic soil into the coastal wind, he had the idea that changed his life permanently. Why, he thought to himself, shouldn't surfboards be made from this very wood? Sickle firs, which can grow up to 70 metres high, were introduced to the Azores in the mid-19th century, now occupy about a fifth of the total land area and are considered to work well and to be extremely hardy. 

Belmonte cooperated with the local forestry authorities for the most responsible logging possible, obtained Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification and was then able to start making what are perhaps the world's most unusual surfboards with his team of carpenters and designers. Breklim, as Belmonte's factory in Lisbon is called, delivers only one-of-a-kind boards - so every board produced is a work of art, so to speak. The portfolio consists of four models: Leaf, Sardine Machine, Longboard and Fish. All with the typical knotholes, all sanded x times, worked with dedication and so exclusive that Breklim does not publish any prices on its website. Belmonte says: " Quality, durability and an ethical way of working reduce our environmental impact. The Breklim is a perfect board for your feet and a perfect board for the planet." Hardly anything to add to that.

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