Y ON WATCH: Always in view

Y ON WATCH is the new, innovative YYachts app for a completely new experience of the on-board remote control system. 

The hardware and software components enable 360-degree monitoring with many great features. Y ON WATCH is based on the combination of two different BUS systems (CZone and NMAEA 2000) with YYachts hardware. In addition, Y ON WATCH is connected to artificial intelligence-based cloud technology for data analysis and smart-device interface.

Control via iPhone

With Y ON WATCH, you can remotely turn on and off all of your yacht's on-board systems. Whatever you can imagine on board, you can operate it remotely with your smartphone or smartwatch thanks to our cutting-edge technology. The saloon can be tempered a little in advance, the lighting tuned and the wine pre-cooled.

For further explanations and information on Y ON WATCH don’t hesitate to get in touch with YYachts directly.

Monitoring all parameters

The artificial intelligence of Y ON WATCH keeps in touch with your yacht thanks to a multitude of sensors that permanently monitor the condition of your YYacht.

Whether you are on board or underway, you have a complete and detailed overview of what is happening on board. Y ON WATCH keeps you informed with push notifications, statistics and data on your smart devices.

If a sensor detects anomalies or technical values fall below a certain level, Y ON WATCH triggers an alarm and informs you immediately on your Apple Watch or smartphone.

Maximum user-friendliness

Y ON WATCH takes care of recording your voyages and sailing adventures thanks to the YYachts Cloud system, which is the evolution of a traditional logbook.

Y ON WATCH activates automatically when you leave port and records your position, miles sailed, speed and more in real time.

When the trip ends and you return to port, Y ON WATCH automatically exits navigation mode.

Y ON WATCH uses the most advanced technologies and extremely precise GPS positioning. It is an efficient function that saves unnecessary effort and stress on board and guarantees a pleasant and safe holiday. 

Manuals in the mobile

Y ON WATCH supports the crew and your skipper by providing them with all the manuals they need to operate the on-board equipment correctly.

It also contains a detailed list of instructions and step-by-step procedures for your service team in case maintenance and repair work needs to be carried out outside the YYachts yard. At the same time, Y ON WATCH clarifies any ambiguities or provides additional information about any equipment installed on board.

Eye on service

To ensure your YYacht is always in perfect condition and ready for cruising, Y ON WATCH will keep an eye on all necessary service and maintenance and help your crew not to forget any important regular and non-daily maintenance for your yacht. 

Y ON WATCH will keep you constantly informed about the condition of your yacht and ensure that you contact the shipyard and their specialized technicians in good time. Y ON WATCH also establishes a direct link between your yacht and our shipyard to always guarantee you excellent, reliable and fast service quality, no matter where your yacht is located.

At the end of the maintenance work, Y ON WATCH will inform you and let you know what activities and what renewals have been carried out.

Push in case of malfunctions

Y ON WATCH keeps YYachts owners informed of everything going on with smart alerts and push notifications in real time.

On your Apple Watch or iPhone, anytime, anywhere, Y ON WATCH will inform you in the event of a malfunction on board or if, for example, the shore power has been accidentally interrupted. Even if you are at anchor and the yacht is too far away from the anchorage point, for example, Y ON WATCH will inform you immediately.

Michael Schmidt about YYachts: "Digitalized and disruptive"