Sustainable yachts made in Germany

An honest green

Building yachts as "green" at the same time as "safe" as possible are our principles. Sustainability and environmental friendliness are not just empty words at YYachts.

They are at the core of our projects, because we do not engage in corporate greenwashing, so you can be sure that we do not integrate innovations on board just because they are new and chic. YYachts components must be reliable and authentic products that make sense and bring multiple benefits on board.

Sailing is per se one of the cleanest and most ecological ways to travel. However, we are making very concrete efforts to drastically reduce the use of fossil fuels on board and further minimise the ecological footprint. We use organic materials such as flax, certified hardwood instead of teak, hybrid propulsion systems powered by solar panels and focus on reducing waste on board. This is what we mean by sustainable yacht building.

CO2-free energy

As our yachts are powered by the wind, we are motivated by the idea of covering the power consumption on board mainly by CO2-neutral energy.

Lightweight, flexible and highly efficient photovoltaic panels mounted on the bimini generate up to 55% of the yacht's daily energy needs. Combined with the energy generated by the hydro generator, the average daily consumption can be completely covered by renewable energy. 

One yacht from our custom division, for example, is equipped with an innovative system for recovering electrical energy while sailing. Thanks to special paddles under the keel that are towed and set in motion while sailing to avoid diesel generators and their disadvantages.

The extra-large battery banks allow the air conditioning to run in eco-mode all night, waiting for wind and sun again the next day. Our yachts are also prepared to integrate fuel cells as soon as this technology reaches a level of market maturity that we are convinced of.


We use the most sustainable materials wherever possible in the construction and finishing of our yachts.

YYachts has introduced many innovations over the years, such as the teak decks have been replaced with Lignia wood, a natural wood with a much smaller environmental footprint. This wood is an alternative to the classic Burmese teak deck, which is heavily affected by deforestation. Lignia wood is FSC-labelled for its sustainable management and also has higher wear, saltwater, UV and wind resistance than traditional teak.

Quieter thanks to recycling

Wherever possible, we use the most sustainable materials to build our yachts.

Over the years, we have steadily introduced innovations, such as replacing teak on the decks with Lignia, which has a much smaller environmental footprint. This wood is FSC-labelled for its sustainable management and also has higher wear, salt, UV and wind resistance than conventional teak.

Other new developments such as sandwich materials made from flax or recycled PET bottles are replacing traditional construction materials at YYachts. 

They are not only more sustainable, but also lighter, stronger, more fire-resistant and more noise-absorbent.

Proven technology

Since the foundation of our shipyard, YYachts has already implemented several ambitious projects in terms of sustainability. The best example is a "green" explorer yacht of the Siemens Foundation for climate change research, which is now operated by the Max Planck Institute.

In this project, we gained a lot of experience on how to integrate electric and hybrid drives. However, in addition to the new and exciting technology, we also need to deliver yachts that are reliable at sea and do not cause problems - unfortunately, the yacht industry tends to push too quickly for developments that have not been sufficiently tested at sea outside the laboratory.

To combine our credo of simplicity with a quiet and environmentally friendly vessel, we prefer to improve its autonomy. Instead of implementing complex high-voltage propulsion systems that can have unpredictable interactions with our carbon yachts and overwhelm normal crews, we install proven technology such as solar panels, hybrid drives and large battery banks.

Less weight, less fuel

At YYachts, we know that sailing fun in almost any conditions can only be achieved with lightweight construction. That is why YYachts are optimised for low weight in every detail.

That is why we only use carbon and manufacture in sandwich construction.

The ultra-modern YYachts design also calls for hulls and rigs made of carbon, while the interior is largely of modern sandwich construction, but with the traditional look and feel of solid wood. Our innovative construction methods offer a weight advantage over conventionally built yachts and improve overall sailing performance. Especially in light and medium winds in the Mediterranean, our yachts already offer or still offer sailing fun when others are motoring.

Windows filter the heat

The construction of the deckhouse is an essential feature of all YYachts. Thanks to the vertical windows and the special glass, overheating of the saloon and cabins below deck is avoided. On summer days, the sun's rays never reach the saloon directly.

This feature ensures high energy efficiency, so the yacht requires less energy for cooling in hot climates.  This means a significant reduction in fuel consumption and fewer sources of noise, as generators and inverters remain switched off most of the time.