The Y9, a 90 foot carbon sailing yacht, is the logical evolution of our Y7 and Y8 models. Fundamental in the development of the Y9 were inquires from customers for an easy to sail yacht requiring a small crew in an effort to preserve family life. It was also imperative the design should facilitate worldwide cruising while performing well on the regatta circuit in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. After numerous discussions with owners, designers, and interior architects, we devised a Y9 that successfully combines all the desired characteristics. Two owners have already signed for a Y9, both yachts being currently under construction.

At YYachts, we have been working tirelessly to create a high-performance yacht with best-in-class interiors and exteriors that provide spatial volumes equal to those found in 100-foot superyachts. Michael Schmidt’s “concept of freedom” design philosophy involved clearing the boat from all unnecessary rigging, lines, and structural elements to create a clean and minimalist deck. The Y9 is the culmination of our pursuit of that grand vision of simplicity. The 90-foot flagship with the volume of a 100-footer.

YC/Tripp 90 Camarote principal

first 90 foot yacht from YYachts

The latest example of the capabilities of our Custom Division is the YC Tripp 90, a 30-metre carbon sloop designed by American Naval Architect Bill Tripp. The interior is by Winch Design, a leading superyacht designer based in London.  Discover the YC/Tripp90 here and see videos, exterior and interior pictures. 

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We are very honored that Toby Hodges liked Prevail so much as he is one of the most experienced yachting journalists worldwide and has an extensive sailing background

YACHTING WORLD Test review by Toby Hodges

Reducing the Y9 to her essentials

Simplicity is the inherent DNA found in all YYachts offerings. By reducing the Y9 to her essentials, we’ve created a yacht that can easily sail in the lightest conditions, while maintaining maximum performance and comfort across all wind speeds.

Y9 sailing yacht fast luxury 90 feet carbon boat

scaled to human dimensions

The Y9 is perfectly scaled to human dimensions and activities by eliminating exaggerated exterior and interior lines and proportions, as well as ineffectual spaces that are difficult to manage and maintain. Ensuring the owner remains connected to the sea and onboard guest with minimal distractions.

gracious space for family, friends and crew

We’ve optimized the space of the 90 foot accommodations onboard, providing gracious space for family, friends, and crew, while still providing plenty of room for privacy at the end of day. Five optional interior layouts include a spacious owner suite that can include a separate salon, dressing room, and ensuite bathroom.

Y9 sailing yacht fast luxury 90 feet carbon boat
Y9 luxury salon carbon sailing boat

salon with a 360° view to the sea

Multiple guest and crew cabin options are available as well. On deck, the distinctive coach roof windows allow a remarkable amount of light into the salon, with a 360° view to the sea. More than an aesthetic element, this design feature helps reduce overheating below deck by diverting the rays of a warming sun, ensuring energy efficiency by minimizing power demands to keep interior spaces cool in hot climates.

redundant reliability and easy maneuverability

Moving aft, the extra-large tender garage can accommodate a 4.3m tender, with space for water toys and diving equipment. The large bathing platform can be transformed in a place to enjoy and relax, providing easy access in and out of the water. Optional hybrid drives and energy recovery systems further reduce the demand on the primary power supplies. Dual engines ensure redundant reliability and easy maneuverability while underway.

Y9 sailing yacht fast luxury 90 feet carbon boat

custom features to fit your desires

Y9 offers a range of below and above deck configurations, and custom features to fit your desires. Options include a Japanese table at the bow, protected by sunshades, and a range of accessories, materials and finishes limited only by your imagination. For the competitive sailor, the 90-foot Y9 can easily participate in regattas, like Superyacht Cup and St. Barth’s Bucket Regatta, with the advantage of a great rating based on its favorable weight, sail plan, and dimensions.

brings immeasurable joy to its owner

The luxury of being able to set out to sea self-sufficiently and with confidence is priceless. Even more enjoyable, is a comfortable, high performance, seaworthy yacht that sails fast and brings immeasurable joy to its owner. Y9 delivers on that simple vision in a way no other yacht can.

Y9 Luxury Carbon Yacht

Sailing Faster

The Y9 is about 30 percent lighter more a conventionally built yacht, enabling its owner to set sail in very light winds.

Proven Technology

YYachts only utilizes long-standing proven components. Time lost due to inferior technology is a no-go on this luxury carbon yacht.

Y9 Luxury Carbon Yacht

Effortless Luxury

Every Y9 is built to be as energy efficient as possible. It begins with the design of the shipyard, continues with the incorporated build materials, and concludes with the option of installing hybrid drives or pure electric drives and solar technology.

Speed, large interior space and a clean look

First impressions of the new Y9


Our brand new Y9 is the logical continuation of our models Y7 and Y8. The development of the Y9 was driven by requests from customers for an easy to sail and fast yacht that requires a small crew and has a good volume. Here are some first impressions of the new deck layout.Y9 CARBON YACHT EXTERIOR


The interior of the Y9 can be customised according to the taste of our customers. Make the Y9 yours and get inspired by the interior shots below. 

Your Y9. Your Layout.

The spaciousness of a 100ft yacht was achievable on the Y9 in 90ft by implementing many years of design expertise and a clever construction method. For example, the owner is provided the highest level of privacy with his own suite, including a separate salon, dressing room, and bedroom with en-suite bathroom and separate shower. Dependent upon the configuration, up to three additional cabins are available for guests. Considerable importance was given to the design of the crew area, after all an unwritten rule in yachting is “happy crew, happy owner”. Therefore the crew aboard the Y9 reside in spacious cabins with their own lounge.

There are various layouts available for the Y9 in addition to numerous interior furnishing options. The YYachts team will work with each owner to personalize their interior or you may select your own interior designer for the project. 



Y9 Layout 2

Y9 Layout 2

Y9 Layout 3

Y9 Layout 3

Y9 Layout 4

Y9 Layout 4

Y9 Layout 5

Y9 Layout 5


Length overall (LOA)
approx. 27.40 m

Length Waterline (LWL)
approx. 26.04 m

Draft (Fixed keel)
approx. 4.70 m

Optional: Shallow Draft (Fixed keel)
approx. 4.10 m

Optional: Draft (Teleskopic keel) 
approx. 3.20 – 4.80 m 

approx. 6.80 m

Displacement (light ship)
approx. 55 t

Ballast (Fixed keel)
approx. 18.92 t

Optional: Ballast (Shallow draft fixed keel)
approx. 19.92 t

Optional: Ballast (Teleskopkiel)
approx. 19.18 t

2x VOLVO D3-170

Fuel Tank Capacity
approx. 3000 l

Fresh Water Tank Capacity
approx. 2000 l

Grey Water Tank Capacity
approx. 250 l

Black Water Tank Capacity
approx. 250 l

Mainsail Area
approx. 242 m²

Self-tacking jib Area
approx. 171 m²

Code 0 Area
approx. 388 m²

Gennaker Area
approx. 617 m²


Naval Architect
Tripp Design

Norm Architects / Design Unlimited

Michael Schmidt Yachtbau GmbH    

Y9 sail plan


Y ON WATCH innovativ Remote-Control-System by YYachts

With Y ON WATCH, you can easily control the electrical and hydraulic systems on board with your smartwatch or smartphone. The best cutting-edge technologies are connected here.

Y ON WATCH stands for fun, comfort and safety on board. The hardware and software components enable 360° monitoring, with many great features for owners.

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Interior design meets yacht construction

Katrine Goldstein and Bill Tripp on the new Y9

With Y9 we looked to build a boat of both, with sailing power and large interior spaces. The Y9 is similar to a 100-footer in speed, interior and her long, clean look.

We wanted to push the bounderies there a little bit. We love when we have these different details that you dont only want to look at, but also touch and feel. All these various small details alltogether creates that calm and refined really good feeling that it should be to be on the boat. 

The highlights of a luxury carbon yacht from YYachts

  • Fast sailing experience on 90 foot
  • Light and safe construction
  • Easy Handling
  • High quality equipment
  • Tailored layout
  • Made in Germany
  • A Must have