The YTender - a new tender generation

Lightweight, extremely stable, emission-free: these are the key features of the new YTender - an extremely innovative tender for large sailing yachts.

At YYachts, they have always built from carbon and thus light, because this means that sails can be set even in light winds. One problem with the equipment, however, was often the tenders. Since YYachts has arranged the tender garage transversely in the stern, it can accommodate relatively large tenders. However, the size and weight of the tenders then came at the expense of performance.

The solution to this is now available. It's called the YTender, and it was developed by YYachts' design and engineering team. Built from carbon composite, the YTender is designed to meet the needs of sailors and weighs just 170 kilograms at a length of 3.65 meters and 230 kilograms at a length of 4.35 meters.  A built-in compressor can automatically fill or empty the hoses during craning - minimizing stowage dimensions. It is available with both electric drives and conventional outboard motors in the stern. 

Above all, however, it lies stably in the water; when boarding, it does not tip over on its side and thus conveys a very good feeling of safety.Its layout is designed to be flexible, as is the equipment and decoration. The YTender can be customized to match the look of any mother ship. 
The YTender is built and sold by Yachtwerft Hamburg. Johannes Malzahn, Managing Partner of Yachtwerft Hamburg, says: "The concept developed by YYachts is implemented by us with the very highest quality."

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