A German shipyard for luxury carbon sailing yachts

Y Yacht Michael Schmidt Shipyard

A modern location

The YYachts shipyard is located on the Baltic Sea, almost directly on the water. Here we can manufacture yachts up to 35 metres in length. The shipyard is equipped with modern and technologically advanced systems to guarantee efficiency and precision in production. At the same time, the structure is simple and straightforward to live up to the YYachts philosophy of "Keep it simple".

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Sailing Yacht building vision

A clear vision

Our goal is to build sailing yachts that give you time for yourself as well as freedom and fun with your family and friends - a reliable investment in a better quality of life. We will treat you with the honesty and authenticity with which we produce our yachts. Our passion is to build sustainable sailing yachts that are ahead of their time, yet easy to sail and maintain.

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Simplicity sailing luxury carbon yacht

A strict philosophy

There is a quote attributed to several famous thinkers: "I'm writing you a long letter because I didn't have time for a short one."  Applied to our business, this means: you have to be able to operate a yacht intuitively and without much effort - which is why a great many details and processes in its handling have to be rethought and simplified. 

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Yacht Design

A perfect look

YYachts works with only the best designers, engineers and builders in the world to develop award-winning yachts. Already in the early stages, YYachts cooperated with such famous designers as Sir David Chipperfield, himself a sailor and one of the most important architects of our time. He and Luca Brenta already fixed the extremely high design standards of YYachts in the first Y8.

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Yacht building experience

A strong team

Our team has many hundreds of years of combined experience in building yachts; and everyone is still as passionate about it as on the first day of work. The common credo of our highly motivated crew is simple: Only yachts leave the shipyard with which we would also sail around the world ourselves. Experience in building fast luxury sailing yachts is essential for us. And an enormous security for you.

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