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Tijl Hetterschijt - preferred partner for fast carbon luxury sailing yachts in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg and UK

YYachts Benelux fast and luxurious carbon yachts

Since 1977, from generation to generation, I have been involved with building, developing and selling yachts in Benelux, UK, France and Germany. Now we presenting YYachts Benelux - fast and luxurious carbon yachts.

YYachts fast carbon luxury sail boats - made in Germany, high quality

Sharing knowledge with clients

Sharing this knowledge with clients is the engine that drives me and leads me every day to fulfillment. The constant pursuit of perfection in sailing techniques are connected to me with two words authenticity and modernity.

Custom carbon luxury sailing yacht

imagining the use for it

Together with my wife Reineke, who has a background in journalism & interior designing, we have rebuilt our company Advanced Yacht Consulting into a new form. For her designing an interior does not only mean designing a form, but also imagining the use for it. As partners in life and business for almost 30 years we are able to complement each other very well.

Y8 Luxury Carbon Yacht

innovate and pursuit the pleasure of sailing

My working relationship with Michael is an unique one. For 22 years, we have been seeking to innovate and pursuit one goal - the pleasure of sailing for our clients. My true believe is that the YYachts reflects the new bar for sailing yachts between 70 and 100ft. The changing active lifestyle of our clientèle calls for new innovations and breaking with traditional standards.

Together with the professional team in the yard we challenge ourselves to built the YYacht that suits our clients present needs.

But the best reward for us is that smile on the clients face when exciding their expectations.

Yacht building
Individual furnishings

Let us talk about your ideas!

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YYachts experts look forward to meeting you on-site and will arrange for all the guests an exclusive private boat show on the yacht you prefer. YYacht team is committed to make you discover all the new features and details, so schedule your exclusive Onboard event today and get ready for this memorable experience! Sustainable Luxury at Sea. Built with passion.

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