Yacht Sales & Customer Service

Responsiveness is as important to YYachts as the construction of the yacht itself. As privately owned company, the shipyard on the Baltic Sea is able to accommodate all customer requirements.

The flexible and individual planning of a yacht is as important to YYachts as the construction of the yacht itself. As a privately owned company, the shipyard on the Baltic Sea is able to respond to all customer wishes and offer the highest degree of individualization. For Michael Schmidt, Dirk Zademack and all team members of YYachts, yacht sales and customer service of fast luxury yachts is a matter of the heart: "Our yachts must always fit the philosophy of the customer as well as the shipyard. The big challenge for us is that every new project also means starting a new one. But that's exactly the fun of boatbuilding that we live and love."

In addition to the shipyard in Greifswald, YYachts has a second location in Palma de Mallorca. This serves as the southern distribution center and, above all, as a service hub for all YYachts owners who have their yacht moored in the Mediterranean.

Michael Schmidt Yachtbau (Greifswald, Germany) and Luxus Carbon YYachts Service (Palma, Spain)

The YYachts HQ´s - home of luxury carbon boats

Michael Schmidt Yachtbau - YYachts Germany


Nordstraße 1
17493 Ladebow (Deutschland)

+49 3834 5858 77-0

Dirk Zademack YYachts Sales & Customer Service

Dirk Zademack

Nordstraße 1

17493 Ladebow (Deutschland)


YYachts Sales & Customer Service Palma Office

Luxus Carbon YYachts Service, s.l.

Carrer Can Gater 4

07002 Palma de Mallorca (Spanien)


YYachts team of expert craftsmen will take care of every maintenance you could need onboard

Our YYachts Preferred Partners are waiting for you! They are Sail experts with a common passion for the sea, ready for taking you on an unforgettable onboard tour. You can directly contact them according to your geographical area and they are looking forward to booking an appointment answering all your questions. 

Furthermore, YYachts professional craftsmen will take care of every maintenance you could need onboard and think of. Like new sail wardrobe, sail repairs, any sail and boat maintenance, service management for all operational systems, rigging, winter storage, antifouling, engine revisions and much more. YYachts is focused on delivering an outstanding service after-sale service and professional maintenance to satisfy every request of the owner. Buy Carbon Luxury Yachts.

In addition to the main Greifswald Yard and Palma de Mallorca headquarter you can rely on YYachts Preferred Partners widespread in Europe and Nord America and Australia. With them, if you haven't already done so, you can discover our models with a private onboard tour or you can request for YYachts services. 

Connoisseur for luxury carbon yachts throughout Europe

Sales Offices & Customer Service Europe

Tijl und Reineke Hetterschijt YYachts luxury carbon yachts Germany

YYachts Benelux & UK

Taalstraat 179
5261BD Vught (Netherlands)

Reineke & Tijl Hetterschijt
+31 (0)6 57949391

YYachts Sales & Customer Service Greece

YYachts Greece

Grigoriou Afxentiou 3
174 55 Alimos (Griechenland)

Yannis Alexiadis
+30 694 4305057

YYachts Sales & Customer Service Italy Luxury Carbon Yachts

YYachts Italy

Cala Galera Marina 22
Porto Ercole

Daniele Botticini
+39 0564 810074

YYachts Sales & Customer Service Israel

YYachts Israel

2 Hashunit St.
4655502 Herzliya (Israel)

Asaf + Yehuda Sommer

YYachts Sales & Customer Service Norway Espen Øksby luxury carbon yacht

YYachts Norway

Uranienborgveien 11 F
0351 Oslo, Norway

Espen Øksby

YYachts Sales & Customer Service Luxury Sailing Yacht Palma, Spain


Plaza Jardines de San Telmo 4
Palma de Mallorca (Spanien)

Hans-Ulrich Heisler
+34 661 275 970

John Leonard YYachts Sales & Customer Service Sweden

YYachts Sweden

Kajlpromenaden 21
252 67 Helsingborg

John Leonard

YYachts Sales & Customer Service Greece Eastern Europe

YYACHTS East Europe


Miha Spendal
+386 41 730 970

get in touch with experts for luxury carbon boats

Sales Offices & Customer Service Overseas

YYachts Pressebereich luxury carbon sail boats


Royal Langkawi Yacht Club
07000, Langkawi, Kedah

Paul Jackson & Rob Williams
+6681 370 1995 / +6017 419 6933

YYachts Sales & Customer Service Australia & New Zealand

YYACHTS Australia & New Zealand

1856 Pittwater Road
2105 Church Point (Australia)

Peter Hrones
+61 2 9979 2443
Fax +61 425 22 33 52

YYachts Sales & Customer Service Greece USA Norwalk Connecticut


144 Water St
CT 06854 Norwalk/Connecticut (USA)

John Plume
+1 203 491 9361

YYachts Sales & Customer Service USA & Mexico, luxury sailing yachts by Jeff Brown


San Diego (USA)

Jeff Brown
+1 619 709 0697

YYachts Sales & Customer Service USA & Mexico, Pete McCormick


Sausalito (USA)

Pete McCormick
+1 510 701 4880



Michael Schmidt, founder of YYachts

Michael’s story of innovation spanning more than 40 years. He managed in the 70‘s the European production facilities of CYC yachts the world leader producer of sailboats. In the 80‘s he started building super light race boats to compete in the Admiral and Sardinia Cups and his boat has won all kind of trophies. After the reunification of Germany he went to the East and founded a new future from scratch and developed a yachts group with Moody, Hanse, Dehler, Fjord. After selling the company and some years in different investments he founded YYachts. Since he did not find any new yachts or used boats on the market, he decided to build his ideal ship with Y Yachts himself. With Lorenzo Argento of Brenta Design and Sir David Chipperfield he found sailors with the same passion; Argento for the construction and Chipperfield for interior and design. 2014 was the birth of YYachts.

One of our fastest carbon luxury sailing loft on water

YYachts fast luxury carbon sail boats - made in Germany