Around the world from California

The owner of the newly delivered Y7 comes from California. He sets off on very long cruises with his family and, as a world-renowned designer, gave the shipyard valuable input. In the interview, he reveals why he chose YYachts and how important sustainable luxury is to him.

How did you actually become aware of YYachts?

Good question, I think it was through posting on a blog. I started researching yachts after once pondering what it would be like to sail around the world with my family while commuting to work. It was a fleeting thought that somehow shocked me twice. First, that in my position as one of the leading designers of a world-renowned company, I was thinking about just getting out, and then I was shocked that I was shocked at my thoughts. Why was one so stuck in one's ways?

So, how did this dilemma resolve itself?

I pursued the thought, of course, because ultimately we only have this one life. I researched on youtube how families with children sail around the world. Who can take on which tasks, how does homeschooling work? Things like that.

At some point I came across YYachts. I liked the pictures and also the lines of the yacht. As a designer, I am quite demanding. 

From your design perspective - what features do you particularly like about the Y7?

In general, I like the clean lines, Bill Tripp did a good job. The Y7 is a mixture of modern and traditional; I also like that in a sailing yacht.

To what extent did you involve yourself in the design?

I wasn't entirely happy with the profile of the bow and the bowsprit, so I had both slightly modified, as well as some air vents. My wife and I then designed the interior according to our own ideas, using a layout from YYachts.

What is your favourite spot on the Y7?

The saloon is already very large and cosy at the same time - an ideal space for our family of four. We had a sofa installed there with an extra-large reclining area and also a nice workstation, especially for homeschooling but also for me when I need it. Upstairs, on deck, I really like the cockpit.

Was a motor yacht also an option for you at some point in the decision-making process?

No, not at all. I have been sailing since I was a child, although I also took a 20-year break; my wife used to be a successful regatta sailor. It was clear that we would buy a sailing yacht. As a test, however, we first bought a second-hand 58-foot yacht and sailed it for many weeks in Greece. We had to be sure that we could function as a family in this limited space and that everyone would like it. After that, the decision was made in favour of the Y7, as it is actually even easier to operate than the 58-footer we used in Greece.


How important is the sustainability issue in yachting for you?

Very important. I like YYachts' approach to building the models as green as possible. We had additional solar cells put on the bimini. And maybe we'll even replace the diesels with electric motors later on. In my garage on land, for example, there are only electric cars.

Where will you set off to first with your Y7? And what are your further travel plans?

We will probably be underway from July to October. We are planning a trip across western Sweden to Norway. Ultimately, however, we'll have to wait and see how the entry regulations develop. Of course, the Mediterranean is also a nice place to sail. And at some point we would like to arrive in New Zealand.

As a family on board - how are the tasks distributed?

My wife and I are co-skippers, so to speak. During a test sail with a Y7 in Turkey, the children also enjoyed sailing very much.

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