Provoking Excellence


We live in a world that constantly pushes us to improve things, but also gives us the freedom to create authentic and extraordinary ideas. There are numerous examples of people who do their job with extraordinary passion and dedication. In addition to innovative and excellent ideas from YYachts, we would like to present such people, companies or ideas with which we feel connected.

YYachts provoking excellence

Every board is unique: from the forest to the wave

Quality, durability and sustainability are the three principles according to which Breklim manufactures its boards. They are made of wood from the Azores.  

Diving fun with AMAZEA

Diving fun with AMAZEA - toys on board

The large garages of YYachts are predestined for taking tender & toys on board. The lifestyle aquajet from Amazea ensures maximum fun at anchorage.  

A new tender for your YYacht garage

The Jetson One, which just became marketable, is a handy quadrocopter that fits perfectly into any YYachts garage.  

Pretty Hotels Robert Kittel

Hotel guru - places that belongs to this exclusive portfolio

Robert Kittel is a successful photographer, travel and lifestyle journalist and gets around the world quite a bit.  

Snow Peter Mathis photographs

Snow King - an unfiltered impression of how powerful nature is

Peter Mathis is considered one of the most creative mountain photographers in the world. His latest, extremely inspiring book is called "Snow".  

Loerensen Leder YYachts luxury

Sørensen Leather - an exclusive resource for unusual and iconic designs

Sørensen Leather is an environmentally conscious, global player that makes some of the highest quality and most sought after sustainable leathers in the world.  

provoking excellence at Yachts Luxury sailing yachts 

Wood Artists - philosophy corresponds exactly to the Green Concept of YYacht

Schorn & Groh was founded in 1961 in southern Germany and is today one of the leading companies in the veneer industry worldwide.  

Arjan Oude Kotte from the Netherlands builds yachts out of Lego bricks

Lego Artist - Ship models made from the world-famous plastic bricks

The Dutchman Arjan Oude Kotte builds yachts from Lego bricks. They stand on the originals or are given away as a stripped-down kit by owners.