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Schorn & Groh was founded in 1961 in southern Germany and is today one of the leading companies in the veneer industry worldwide.

The range includes over 140 types of wood, including many FSC and PEFC-certified logs, veneers and other rarities. There are never without 6 million square meters of veneer in stock, making Schorn & Groh one of the largest veneer warehouses in Germany. The extensive range of veneers and sawn timber is complemented by various design solutions - including veneers with structured, perforated or particularly thinly sanded surfaces. The muto GRID collection shows braided veneers, which open up completely new possibilities for interior designers thanks to their three-dimensional look.

Schorn & Groh has relied on sustainable forestry for many years and only buys in growth areas or from companies that operate regulated logging and new planting. This philosophy corresponds exactly to the Green Concept of YYachts.

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