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Even if Greifswald is perhaps not considered the culinary center of Germany, the restaurants in the Hanseatic city do not have to hide.

The best example is Natürlich Büttners - restaurant and manufactory, initially located in Wieck not far from the shipyard, and now at home in the Pomeranian State Museum.

As a married couple, Ines and Antje Büttner are a strong team as well as the operators of their restaurant. While Antje Büttner from Greifswald started her career with Kolja Kleeberg in Berlin's VAU, Ines completed her apprenticeship in the Harz Mountains. After many years together in foreign kitchens, you will now share the tasks in your restaurant. Antje runs the service and Ines the kitchen. The kitchen is based on the products of the region and their seasonal changes. Meat, game and fish are also from local businesses. The relationship to regional partners is an important aspect at Büttners and is therefore comparable to the YYachts philosophy of relying on short supply chains and local suppliers.

What can we recommend about the menu? Actually everything.

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