The Coachroof - Synonym of light and energy savings

The coachroof feature comes from the classic wooden boats of the 1920s.

The coachroof feature comes from the classic wooden boats of the 1920s, today YYachts decided to bring it back to life again. It is a unique feature enriched with lots of technology, that gives at the same time a modern look and environmentally friendly features. The coachroof goes much further from pure Design and aesthetic, it is engineered to reduce carbon emissions and increase the comfort on board.  

The coachroof is definitely a cornerstone feature of all YYachts essential to guarantee a remarkable quantity of light in the saloon with a 360° view to the sea. Thanks to vertical windows and special ray-reflecting glass this avoids the overheating of the saloon and cabins below deck. In the summer days, the sun rays will never get directly inside the saloon, compared to the traditional angled windows.

Moreover, due to the prominent coachroof shapes over the vertical windows will ensure that only the light will come in filtering direct scorching sun rays. This feature ensures high energy efficiency, so the boat requires less energy to be cooled down in hot climates. Therefore, it means a sensitive reduction in fuel consumption, less noise since generators and inverters will remain off for most of the time. 
The onboard energy supply is well calculated and the use of large battery banks in combination with large solar panels and a hydro generation system allows the yacht to be used even without a generator nearly all day and night.

The special glasses installed in the coachroof YYachts are Parsol Grey ® glasses. Parsol glasses have 2 coating layers: the exterior one is capable of reflecting out way sun rays so that only a reduced percentage can come through the windows eliminating glares or annoying direct light sources. 
The second layer is made by a solar filtration system to absorb the remaining wavelengths of light. This is made possible because of the colouring procedure originated by chemicals during the glass melting during the production process. This will absorb light in certain wavelengths and filtering most of the heat from the sun. Nowadays the available colors you can choose from are gray, bronze, blue, green and dark gray depending on your preferences.

These kinds of glasses are useful also in winter because they will keep inside 30% more heat than traditional glasses, eliminating energy losses, for high efficiency of the heating system.

For what regard coachroof in its horizontal components, is highly thermally isolated with composite sandwich materials to protect the interiors from the external summer heat and temperature fluctuations. It goes without saying that this patented construction system provides great thermal isolation even in the winter season. 

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