Snow King

Peter Mathis is considered one of the most creative mountain photographers in the world. His latest, extremely inspiring book is called "Snow".

His pictures radiate tranquility. Anyone standing in front of it is astonished and gets an unfiltered impression of how powerful nature is. Mountains and their numerous facets are his main subject and this is not surprising given his place of residence - Peter Mathis lives in Hohenems in Austria. 

His latest work is called "Snow" and in the accompanying text the author writes:

"It is not surprising that photographer Peter Mathis, who has devoted himself to black-and-white photography, loves snow. Snow gives structure to the landscape. Just like the right light, for which the photographer often waits many hours, freezing and shivering, because it is winter. Most of the time the wait is worth it, because snow and light create compositions that couldn't be created in any other configuration."


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