Over 100 years of experience in furniture making

Just like YYachts, Poltrona Frau develops luxurious top-quality products that are known and award-winning all over the world.

Regardless of the 1700 km between them, Poltrona Frau and YYachts share a common vision and mission. Both companies are committed to developing top end products in terms of quality, materials and design that are recognised and awarded all over the world.

Poltrona Frau is considered as the Italian market leader for leather and upholstered furniture. Over the years, Poltrona Frau has also developed a customised interiors department to meet the specific needs of major architects. The Italian company, located in Tolentino, has received very prestigious commissions in the past from such well-known names as Richard Meier, Jean Nouvel, Sir Norman Foster and Renzo Piano.

Many of YYachts' interiors are therefore furnished with exclusive Poltrona Frau furniture. The choice of individual pieces and their design is made at the customer's request and can be customised in any way. YYachts founder Michael Schmidt says: "With the corporate philosophy, the design, the extremely high manufacturing quality and the very exclusive materials, the brand is a perfect fit for us and, above all, for our customers."

Poltrona Frau was founded in 1912 and has thus been processing leather to the highest perfection for more than a century and is a leader in the production of top-quality furniture "Made in Italy" and, of course, an ambassador of Italian top quality throughout the world. One of the things they have in common with YYachts is the constant development and optimisation of Poltrona Frau products, which is implemented every year by the most talented Italian designers. The urge to invent new shapes, solutions and designs constantly leads to the creation of timeless pieces that express a universal yet intimate and personal elegance.

In Poltrona Frau's production, the most meticulous manual work is combined with the most modern technologies and careful quality control. Today, Poltrona Frau has 12 collections with a total of 181 different designs.

Over the years, the company has also brought its factory up to date in terms of its environmental processes. Since 2010, the 100,000-square-metre production facility has been equipped with a photovoltaic system that covers its energy needs almost entirely self-sufficiently. With an output of 1.4 megawatts, it produces about 1,680,000 kWh annually, saving 1176 tonnes of CO2. Poltrona Frau has always been a leader in obtaining certifications related to environmental sustainability and the health and safety of its employees.

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