Our garage - simple, ingenious and unbelievably large

YYachts installs very special stern garages. They provide safety and more volume. And thus automatically for more luxury.

The moment when the button on the steering console is pressed and a huge hatch opens in the stern impresses every visitor of a YYacht. Since the founding of the shipyard, YYachts has chosen a very special way to store the dinghies of a Y7, Y8 or Y9 on board. On all models, the garage is arranged transversely in the stern, which has several advantages:

  • The garage is always and fundamentally dry. This means that the tender and other accessories in the garage are never affected by moisture.
  • The access is comfortable and constant; even with the stern against the quay, the hatch can be opened - in contrast to other yachts. Moreover, no one has to step onto the bathing platform of a swaying yacht to do so.
  • The tenders of a YYacht can be longer for the respective yacht size and are thus more comfortable in choppy seas.
  • The owner gains considerably more volume because the garage is installed transversely and not - as is usually the case - longitudinally. Additional square metres increase owner and guest areas.
  • Crew areas on a yacht are more generous than on yachts of a similar category. The crew has more space and comfort - the motto "Happy crew, happy owner" is well served.

In addition to the tender, there is of course room for many other things in the stern garage that are not constantly needed on board; the amount of space is simply enormous for sailing yachts between 22 and 30 metres in length. The hatch is opened at the push of a button within about 30 seconds, while two hatches ensure access during sailing. A hidden system integrated into the boom finally launches the dinghy over the side and makes it available to the owner, guests and crew. The YYachts motto "Keep it simple" demonstrates this feature par excellence.

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