Lego Artist - Ship models made from the world-famous plastic bricks

The Dutchman Arjan Oude Kotte builds yachts from Lego bricks. They stand on the originals or are given away as a stripped-down kit by owners.

Arjan Oude Kotte is something of a small star in the Lego fan base. In fact, Kotte does not manufacture spaceships or knight castles according to the specifications of the Danish toy designers, but instead makes ship models he has planned from the world-famous plastic stones. Besides ferries, tugs and icebreakers, yachts are now also among his references. For the owner of the 63-meter-long “Scout” built by Hakvoort, he developed a 1:53 model with tenders and lighting as well as 25 building sets made of 782 stones each to be given away.

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Kotte has not yet implemented a sailing yacht. But that can still come ...

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