Hotel guru - places that belongs to this exclusive portfolio

Robert Kittel is a successful photographer, travel and lifestyle journalist and gets around the world quite a bit.

He has combined this being on the road with the wonderful website In search of the most beautiful places in the world, he lists there unique boutique hotels, chalets, apartments, and insider tips that you would actually only recommend to your best friends. Or have you heard of the Austrian Woddridge Chalets or the Smucke Steed on the Baltic Sea?

Together with a small team of travel experts from several countries, Kittel tracks down these gems. The highlight of Pretty Hôtels is that it does advertise hotels, but in a very journalistic way. Only a very few establishments are included that the team has personally looked at and is convinced fit into the Pretty Hotels family.

If you know of a place that belongs to this exclusive portfolio, or own a beautiful home yourself, feel free to email at: [email protected]

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