Diving fun with AMAZEA - toys on board

The large garages of YYachts are predestined for taking tender & toys on board. The lifestyle aquajet from Amazea ensures maximum fun at anchorage.


It allows you to dive for up to 60 minutes; depending on your skills, between one and 18 metres. An exchangeable battery system ensures short waiting times, different modes define the driving style - "Eco" for long and leisurely driving, "Sport+" for fast cruising including an adrenaline kick. This makes the Amazea suitable for children as well as for ambitious aqua jet pilots. A colour display shows all relevant information under water, and a two-engine system ensures safety. Of course, the complete package also includes an Amazea app that provides information about the current status of the jet at all times. Individual branding - to match your yacht - is also possible.

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